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Madagascar Fishing Adventures

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Locals in the Velondriake region of Madagascar have linked sustainable octopus harvests with improving reproductive health in their communities.(Photo credits: foodtank)

Madagascar Fishing Adventures caters for all angling types, but specializes in spinning and jigging. By utilising Sakatia Lodge as well as live-a-board yachts, Madagascar Fishing Adventures offers access to extensive fishing areas, including the remote fisheries north and south of Nosy Be and legendary Castor Bank. A big draw card of this area is the excellent year round sea conditions, due to the protection of the mainland. With little or no swell, light winds and no surf launches or tidal restrictions, losing a fishing day due to weather / sea conditions is highly unlikely.

From deep jigging for massive dogtooth tuna, to estuary and inshore light tackle angling, casting at free swimming sailfish with stick baits, throwing surface poppers for big GT's and everything in between, there is something to satisfy every angler!

North-western Madagascar is renowned for the large numbers of sailfish and marlin that pass through these waters at certain times of the year. The fishing season runs from 15 March – 15 January each season.

An Experience From Anakao Fishing Village

Anakao fishing village

Crossing to Anakao village in Madagascar(Photo credits: Traveling Gypsy Adventures)

On the South West coast of Madagascar lies the small fishing village of Anakao. The white sand and crystal clear lagoon were very welcoming as we arrived to this absolutely stunning location!

A party was getting ready to take place to celebrate their move to this new location. I got settled into my bungalow and went back out to the common area to play the impossible game of Chinese Checkers and chat with the new gang.

The music began as the sun went down, the island locals came out of the wood work to enjoy the delicious Malagasy and French cuisine and the tasty rum punch. The men started doing their funny chicken dance and Christine, Michael and I jumped right in with them, dancing the night away.

Fishing Charter in Nosy Be

Fishing Charter in Nosy Be, Madagascar

Fishing Charter in Nosy Be, Madirokely, Madagascar(Photo credits: dpesca.com)

Located in Nosy Be, Madagascar, this fishing charter is excellent for your deep sea fishing trips with your family and friends. Everything is on board to enjoy a wonderful day light tackle fishing in Nosy Be. We offer half day or full day fishing trips and go an extra mile to ensure your trip is memorable and productive. Everyone is welcome aboard our fishing charters - from novice to experienced anglers, to corporate groups and families. Book this boat now and enjoy a great day fishing in Nosy Be, Madagascar

A guide to fishing in Madagascar

fishing activities in Madagascar

Big game fishing :-- Pit your wits against the giant game fish in the clear, calm waters of Madagascar and you could find yourself pulling any of the big prize fish – Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo – from the waves. Read more about big game fishing in Madagascar.(...)

Fly fishing :-- Fly fishing is possible from a boat, with some operators specialising in catching billfish such as Marlin and Sailfish on fly or alternatively from standing on a reef. Reef fish include GTs, snappers and grouper.

Traditional Malagasy net casting :-- On the private island of Constance Tsarabanjina to the northwest of Madagascar you can try your hand at traditional net casting from a pirogue (a wooden fishing boat). Fish the way the locals here have for hundreds of years and then bring your catch back to shore and the chefs at Tsarabanjina will prepare and cook it for you.


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